Privacy Policy

We want you to know your privacy is very important to us, and this is our privacy policy for

We take the responsibility to keep it safe, and want you to know that we take the best precautions to ensure it is safe.

This is why our privacy policy is in place!

We want you to understand why, when, and how we collect and deal with your data.

We respect your right to privacy and will not share any personal information with third parties except as required by law.

Elliptical Watch – Customer and Membership Information Storage:

Customer and membership information for your account that you have given us is always going to be held closely so that it does not cause you problems.

This means that passwords, addresses, email, credit card and payment information, and your phone number will never be rented or sold to third parties.

We will only use it for the ways that we state on our site, elliptical watch dot  com.

Email Privacy for Elliptical Watch:

Email Elliptical Watch Newsletter & Email Alert Subscription Forms

Our site uses subscription forms for people to request information.

These bits of information are then used to put together newsletters and email alerts based on the interested categories that you have selected.

We collect things like your name and email address to provide you with this information, but will not sell or rent these bits of data to third parties.

Confirm OPT-in to Elliptical Watch Newsletter

We give you the chance to opt-in to newsletters or emails that you want to receive.

We use the email address you give us to confirm the subscription, as well as the validity of the provided address. The reply that you do with this email is vital in assuring that you are going to be able to receive our emails and newsletters, and any other information that we need to send you. If you want to change your email address, you can do so under the Manage Your Subscriptions form, or choose to unsubscribe at the bottom of the email.

You can then simply sign up with a new email address. Please note, however, if you use our website to sign up for any services or receive marketing emails, it is advisable to ensure that you use an email address that you do not check frequently. Also, please note that we do not accept guest email addresses.

Unsubscribing to Our Newsletters

If you wish to unsubscribe from a newsletter or mailing list you can easily do so on the email, or by other means.

However, this means you will not receive emails from us at all.

Other Types of Client Communications

We may at times retain certain communications that you send to us.

This is so that we can continually improve and process the services we offer, as well as to deal with requests.

Our Relationships With You

Anybody involved with us as customers, users, or members are going to be in a transactional relationship with us. This means that we need to be sure we can communicate with you via email or other methods from time to time to deliver our services or products.

In addition, we will offer you other ways to contact us. For example, when a website sends you a message to confirm your email address, we have automatically updated your password to prevent unauthorized access. If you stop using our website and you want to login again, you can email us from your new email account.

Can you send an email to tell me that I am locked out or how to change my password?

Yes, you can use our secure contact form. You can also request additional security to your account by emailing our support team.

Browser Information and Other Data We Gather:

We might also collect things of a personal matter from you.

These are going to be things such as phone numbers, email addresses, your name, you postal address and other bits when you register with us. We might combine this with third party data that we have to provide you with a better experience.

Our site, elliptical watch dot  com,  also uses cookies and other types of technology to provide you with the best experience possible. These cookies also help us to learn the numerous ways you use our services, which allows us to improve and innovate them.

At times, our servers might log and record information from you when you interact with our site, use products, or ask about services. This type of information is going to be along the lines of language type, user sessions, access dates, operating system, access times, IP address, URL, domain names and country of origin.

This information helps us to diagnose issues you have, but also to deliver products and services.

How We Use This Information:

We may use this information to also provide services to you that you have requested.

Furthermore, the information will also at times be used to help us operate, improve, and innovate the already offered services, and to develop new types of products and services.

We may also share aggregated information that is non-personal with 3rd parties outside of our site. When we do this, we only do it so that we receive assistance with things like processing your shopping cart. However, we make certain that they comply with privacy policies, and have security and confidentiality measures in places.

We also at times might share information in certain limited circumstances when needing to do so for legal purposes, to prevent fraud, protect us from imminent harm, or to ensure the security of our services and network.

At times, we may offer surveys for you to take so that we can innovate and improve the services that we offer you.

Third Parties Sites and Links:

Our site has links to third parties sites within it.

These are not covered under the privacy policy that we have for our site. However, we have made attempts to ensure that the link are active, but we cannot assume liability or responsibility for the content of these sites. We do recommend being careful and using your best judgment when clicking over to these sites, as well as reviewing their privacy policies.

Our site may also show you links that track what you click over to with them.

We use this to make sure that we can improve the quality of services that we offer.

Advertising and Banner Advertising Terms & Conditions:

We combine both 3rd party advertisements and internal programs to serve ads to you on our site.

We also do this within emails and newsletters based on personal information. To track how effective our ads are and to provide you with a great experience, we allow them to use certain bits of information about your visits to our site to serve you ads. Information that we collect are things like cooking history, historical data, IP addresses and geographical location. We will never provide any of your personal information to advertisers, though. You may at times, however, be part of the targeting criteria for ads that we serve on our page.

When this happens and you click an ad, you are giving the ad permission to load on your computer.

Third Party Vendors – the DoubleClick DART Cookie

Many third party vendors, such as Google, use cookies to serve ads on this and other web sites.

This means that the DART cookie enables ads to be served to users based on visits to different web sites on the Internet.

Security Policies and Information Security:

Our site has some great and reasonable measures for security in place.

These help protect against misuse, alteration, and loss of any information under our control. This includes protection in the form of specialized training for those working with our databases, and management procedures for the site. We ensure that there is no unauthorized access of personal date, and also that physical considerations of stored data are safe.

We only allow access to this date by employees, agents and contractors of the site, as well as technicians who need to use the information here to innovate, deliver, and improve our services.

Elliptical Watch May Change This Privacy Policy

Occasionally we will change or update our Privacy Policy.

When and if this occurs we will notify you via email or newsletter. This is so that we can tell you how your information is going to be used. However, please understand that if you have opted out of communication from us you will never know about this. Regardless, you information will not be used in way we were unable to inform you about, so you need not worry. This is why ti is always a good idea to check back on our site, elliptical watch dot  com.

Checking back on our Privacy Policy means that you know when changes happened, and can normally be seen at the top or bottom as a ‘Last Updated’ note.

Information Opt-Out:

If you wish to receive no notifications from us, please know that you can still check the site for changes.

However, you will receive nothing from us, or be able to use some services, if you opt out of notifications.


We want you to know that we do make every possible effort to preserve and protect your privacy.

However, at times we may need to share certain information.

This is when we believe that we must do so to protect ourselves, or in certain legal disputes.

Contacting Elliptical Watch Dot Com:

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at all about this Privicy Policy or about anything else regarding the site.

This Privicy Policy for was last updated  9 February 2021