6 Helpful Tips for Choosing the Best Home Workout Equipment

This is my latest take on choosing the best home workout equipment.

When it comes to working out you have a couple of options.

You can go to the gym or you can work out at home.

When it comes to your choice of exercise equipment, you have an almost unlimited number of options.

If you’re reading this page, we can safely assume that you would prefer to work out at home. After all, this article is about selecting the best home workout equipment. So if you don’t want to pay for a monthly gym membership, you don’t want to spend a bunch of time commuting to and from the gym, not to mention all of the gas and wear and tear on your vehicle, then keep reading for some helpful tips for choosing the best home workout equipment.

1: Your Home Workout Equipment Budget

One of the first things you need to do is figure out how much you are willing to spend on your exercise equipment.

You could buy a few dumbbells for about $50 or you can get some professional quality nautilus equipment for $10,000. Of course there are a lot of options in between as well. The bottom line is you should figure out how much you’re willing to spend before you start shopping.

One thing to keep in mind though is that sometimes you get what you pay for.

So although you may want to avoid spending a lot of money, you don’t always want to go for the cheapest option either.

2: What Type of Exercise Do You Enjoy?

When it comes to choosing the best workout equipment for your home, you should think about the types of exercises you enjoy doing.

  • Do you like to lift weights?
  • Do you like to run?
  • Maybe you would prefer the stair stepper?

If you have a particular piece of exercise equipment you have used in the past, you may want to buy something similar.

If not, you can go to a local store and try out a number of different machines.

3: Consider the Space You Have Available

Some exercise equipment can take up a lot of space.

If you have a small corner in your bedroom, you will need to make sure that the equipment you buy will fit into that space. However, if you are going to be putting your workout equipment in the garage or if you have a large room dedicated to exercise, you will be able to purchase a larger machine.

Take some measurements of the place you plan to put your equipment and keep these measurements with you when you are shopping.

You’ll be able to compare the specifications of the machine to the measurements of the space you have available.

4: Assembly

When you purchase workout equipment, there’s a good chance that there will be some assembly required.

You may be able to find equipment that is easy to assemble but if something is a little more complicated, you may have to find someone that can help you put it together.

This is just one more thing to keep in mind before deciding on a piece of equipment.

5: Home Workout Equipment – Some of the Options You Have


The treadmill is probably the most popular piece of workout equipment there is.

A lot of people have a treadmill in their home and it is a great piece of equipment. If you are not in great shape and just starting to exercise, you can take it slow and walk on the treadmill.

Of course when you are in better shape you can also run and get a great workout.

Stair Stepper:

Stair steppers are very popular at the gym but they are not as popular for home use.

However, they can still give you a very effective workout, helping to build strength and endurance.

Exercise Bike:

Stationary exercise bikes are still very popular and bike riding can give you a great workout.

You’ll be able build leg strength and get a good cardiovascular workout.

Elliptical Machines:

Elliptical machines are a great choice because you can get a full body workout very quickly.

With an elliptical machine you can use your lower body and upper body at the same time. One of the best benefits of an elliptical machine is the fact that they are very low impact. When you use an elliptical machine your feet never leave the petals so you don’t have the same pounding on your joints you get from running on a treadmill.

sole e25 home exercise equipment

The Sole E25 elliptical is my current recommendation (as the best workout equipment for home use).

Weightlifting Machines:

Lifting weights is a great way to build muscle.

Building muscle mass will help increase your metabolism and help you burn calories all day long, even after you stop exercising.

Lifting weights also helps increase bone density.

A weightlifting machine is a better option for a lot of people than using free weights, because you can use a machine safely without someone being there to spot you.

6: Research Customer Reviews Online

Hopefully the tips above will help you more easily choose the right type of exercise equipment for you.

home workout equipment customer reviews

One final suggestion that we would like to offer is to research customer reviews online.

  • You can research features and specifications all day long but how can you know if a product is durable and built to last?
  • How will you be able to know if a machine is easy to assemble?
  • How will you be able to decide if you truly are getting the best piece of equipment for the money you’re spending?

Questions like these and many others can be answered by researching customer reviews online. By spending a little bit of time reading reviews from people who have purchased and used a piece of equipment that you are considering, you will be able to gain a lot of valuable information that will help you make an informed decision.

Researching customer reviews online is the next best thing to actually purchasing a machine and trying it out for yourself. In some ways, reading reviews is actually better than trying something out for yourself. You’ll be able to get answers to your questions before you purchase and assemble a large piece of equipment.

And choosing the right piece of equipment the first time also eliminates the chance of you being unhappy with the piece of equipment that would then have to be disassembled and shipped back to the retailer for a return.

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